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Lim-Hidroterm from Veternik is one of the largest tin workshops in Vojvodina and has a 40-year tradition in the construction and installation of tin construction.

The company was founded in 1968 by Marko Rusmir as a small tin workshop that used traditional technologies and materials to make tin products.

Today, the company, which is in the phase of intensive investment and expansion of production capacities, is making a connection between modern and traditional approach to the production of tin products, thus guaranteeing the high quality of its products and services.

Also, many years of experience and experience in Switzerland and Austria, provides European quality and standards in the manufacture and installation of sheet metal products and services.

For all of its products and services, Lim-Hidroterm provides a multi-year warranty, as evidenced by the hundreds of built facilities.

The company is located in Veternik, in new production facilities of 1200 m2 on an area of ​​3500 m2.




Kninska 52 | 21203 Veternik | Srbija
tel. +381 (0)21 820 931
fax. +381 (0)21 820 968

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